És un estàndard obert per xatejar de forma descentralitzada i segura.

Hi ha molts clients per usar-la, tant als ordinadors com als mòbils.


De privacytools.io :

  • Adding new features is more complex, because these features need to be standardized and tested to ensure they work with all servers on the network.
  • Some metadata may be available (e.g., information like "who is talking to whom," but not actual message content if E2EE is used).
  • Federated servers generally require trusting your server's administrator. They may be a hobbyist or otherwise not a "security professional," and may not serve standard documents like a privacy policy or terms of service detailing how your data is utilized.
  • Server administrators sometimes choose to block other servers, which are a source of unmoderated abuse or break general rules of accepted behavior. This will hinder your ability to communicate with users on those servers.
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